History of a patch.

The original:

History :

This badge appears for the first time on the combinations of members of the Soyuz-9 mission in 1970. It is then worn by the cosmonauts Soyuz flights-10, 11, 13, 14, 17, 18b, 19, 29 and TM15 (SV Avdeev).
Even today its exact name is subject to debate. According to Alexander Glushko, author of "Design for Space - Russian and Russian Mission Patches", it is the first version of the "Salyut" crest. For the team of the site "www.spacepatches.nl", it is about the logo of the company "Vympel", creator of the combinations of flight TNK1 and TNK "athlete".

But the symbolism of the patch indicates a completely different origin. In the center, a globe where only the USSR. Brochant on the latter, a rocket bearing the acronym "C.C.C.P." denotes an institutional and non-industrial organization. The whole is surrounded by an octagon evoking the shape of a diamond, or "almaz" in Russian. The bottom of the badge represents a radiant sun. The symbolism of the insignia can be interpreted as: "Almaz station orbiting around the world radiates the glory of the USSR".
In all likelihood, this is the badge of the military cosmonauts assigned to Almaz Station or "Team No. 2".
Another hypothesis attributes this crest to the OKB52 plant.
Another element in the direction of the military cosmetics and the recurrence of this patch during international missions (Apollo-Soyuz, TM11), ie the missions most suitable for espionnite.

The patch :


Pre-existing copies:

Stewart Aviation:

In the late 1980s, the famous British firm made an embroidered copy of the patch, while the original is woven. In addition the shape of the rocket is simplified and the shape of the diamond has become elliptical.



Rundy Hunt:

In 1993, Rundy Hunt resumed the model of "Stewart Aviation" by improving the base of the rocket, but failed to correct the shape of the diamond. Thepatch was always embroidered.

Vympel diamond.jpg


This crest currently on the market is the true copy of the model "Rundy Hunt".


Our production:

From the rare vintage photos, we have redesigned a patch as close as possible to the original model. Nevertheless to allow to easily recognize the authentic, we have deliberately changed the shape of the sun's rays more, modern weaving is finer than that of time.


The original
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1988, last appearance of the Almaz Patch, worn by Sergei Krikalyov during the Soyuz-TM7 mission.