Zvezda Rocket Patch
for hydrosuit Forell and Sleeping bag :

The forell hydro-suit :

The hydro-suit forell (pronounce farell) is a waterproof buoyancy suit designed in the early 70's by the OKB-918. A modernized version is still built by NPP Zvezda who succeeded the previous one. Although designed to be used following a splashdown, the forell suit can be used ashore to protect against rain and melted snow.

Early type : 1970-1977

This patch appeared with the 70's takes again the famous logo "Zvezda Rocket" created in 1965. The logo is simplified to be able to be used in stencil to be used on the waterproof rubberized fabric of hydrocombinaison forell. These patches are also used on sleeping bags, until 1977, when it is replaced by a four-color screenprinted model.


Top : the patch in situation on a photo taken in 1976, during the aquatic training of cosmonaut Valery Bykovsky. In this photo the stencil used to make the badge is not damaged yet. In the color photo that served as a model, the stencil has gaps in its left side.

Left : the patch in situation on a sleeping bar made by Zvzada and used during used during the soyuz 12 mission by Vasily Lazarev in 1973.

slbg soyuz12.jpeg

Vitaly Zholobov and Boris Volynov (Soyuz-12) during their aquatic training in 1975. the early Zvezda patch is visible on Volinov's left shoulder.


It seems that a first version (to the right) of this patch was used in the early 1970s. It differs with the following model in many ways (stars, globe pattern, etc.). (right picture, curtesy of spacepatches.nl).

The Original :


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Late type : 1977-1985

In conjunction with the Interkosmos program, a new logo is developed. It uses the previous logo, in a four color version (white, gray, dark blue and yellow). The stencil technique is replaced by screen printing. This badge will be used until the mid-80s, until the creation of Glavkosmos. From that date the Forell suit ceases to bear a logo and the sleeping bags sport a red and white Glavkosmos patch and for the Soviets the seals of the Soviet Union.


Forell suit from Soyuz-T12's mission - 1984

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Interkosmos type : 1978-1985

The Interkosmos program, first devoted to satellite development within COMECON, was expanded in the mid-1970s to include manned space flight. Thus in 1978, Czechoslovakia became the 3rd nation to send a man into space. As a result of the program 14 nations have become space including, one (ex) member of NATO: France.
Interkosmos manned flights have been the setting for the creation of specific patches for each nation, which today is a delight for lucky and fortunate collectors.
For Zvezda patches, CCCP is removed, and use on the forell suit and sleeping bag as can be seen in the Forell suit and the sleeping bag of Sigmund Jähn exhibited at the Deutsche Raumfahrtausstellung in Morgenröthe-Rautenkranz (Germany).
The farell jumpsuit cap has the acronym for the cosmonaut nation.


Forell suit from Miroslaw Hermaszewski Soyuz-30 mission - 1978.

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Sigmund Jähn Forell suit, 1978.
(curtesy of spacepatches.nl.

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Forell suit from Sigmund Jähn
Soyuz-31 mission - 1978.

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