Story of a patch.

The original :

History : The year 1971 was marked by the failure of the Soyuz-10 mission and the tragedy of Soyuz-11. During the atmospheric re-entry of the spacecraft, depressurization led to the death of Georg Dobrovski, Viktor Patsayev and Vladislav Volkov. To prevent such a tragedy from happening again, the cosmonauts were equipped with a "Sokol-K" type pressurized suit. It is on this last that the new logo "Saliout" made its entry in the spatial history. This badge was worn in 1972 on the training suits of members of the Salyut-2 program in 1972. It is then worn by the cosmonauts of Soyuz-12 flights to Soyuz 27 with the exception of Soyuz-19, as much on their Sokol-K combinations only on their intravenous clothing (TK, Penguin). Its use ceases during the year 1978, where it is still present on the training suits of crews Soyuz-30, 31 and 32.

The patch:


Pre-existing copies:

No copies were made before ours.

Our production:

From the rare known patches, we have redesigned an patche as close as possible to the original model. Nevertheless to allow to easily recognize authentic, we have voluntarily changed the size of the badge, more modern weaving is finer than that of time.


The original
The project
Our product
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Alekseï Gubarev (1931-2015) wearing a Sokol-K space suit with an early Salyut patch. 1974 training of the Soyuz-17 mission
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