Story of a patch.

The original :

History :

Established in 1952 in Tomilino (a suburb southeast of Moscow) under the name "production plant no. 918", the company Zvezda received as a first mission the realization of supersonic and high altitudes aircraft .
In 1953, as part of this project, the company created its first pressuried combinations (combinations BCC-04 and BCC-05), and full pressurized suit for dogs.
These last ones will be fully operational in 1956 and allowed the dispatch of the first inhabited flights as early as 1957 (Laika). 1959, marked the beginning of the development of the suits for the Vostok program.
The following year the company supplied the systems that allowed the space flight of the Belka and Straika dogs. 1961, the combinations produced for the Vostok Program, go down in history thanks to Y. Gagarin and G. Titov. In 1963, V.V. Tereshkova, the first woman in space  wears Zvezda. 1964, creation of the Berkut's suit. On March 18, 1965, A.A Leonov is the first "Spacewalker" thanks to a Berkut's suit. 1966, development of the space suit "Yastreb". 1970, development of the flight suit "Sokol", followed two years later by the flight combination "Sokol K", created after the drama of Soyuz-11.
It is within the framework of the creation of the flight suit "Sokol-k" that the legendary logo of the factory 918 Zvezda was created.

The patch:

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There is currently no picture of this patch from a private or public collection. Paradoxically he is represented on all the portraits of cosmonauts of the 70s.

Pre-existing copies:

No copies were made before ours.

Our production:

From the rare known patches, we have redesigned an patche as close as possible to the original model. Nevertheless to allow to easily recognize authentic, we have voluntarily slightly changed (a few mm) the size of the badge, more modern weaving is finer than the sovietic.

The original
The project
Our product

Soyuz-16 type :

The original
The project
Our product

Valery Bykovsky in Sokol-V flight suit with the first Zvezda logo (1976)